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Configuring the Multiwatcher

Open the Multiwatcher Configuration page by clicking on the Configure Screen link in any Multiwatcher screen.

You can use the configuration dialog to change the screen (add new cameras, change settings, etc.) or you can rename or delete it. In addition, you can create new screens.

Note: In order to add new cameras to a screen, the cameras need to be registered in this camera. Click on the Manage Cameras link and add a new camera manually or have the camera scan the local subnet for additional MOBOTIX cameras.

Changing the Configuration

The configuration dialog is structured similar to the corresponding Multiwatcher screen. Every camera occupies one column in the table. The rows contain the parameters that can be configured.

To change the name of a screen, simply enter the desired name in the Screen text field. You can only use letters, digits, blanks, underscore ("_") and hyphen.

If you have defined more than one screen, you can set the current screen as the default screen that appears when clicking on the Multiwatcher button. Activate the Set as default screen checkbox to achieve this.

You can change the following settings for each camera:

Parameter Description
Camera Select the camera you would like to display from the dropdown box.
The Preview image shows the live image of the selected camera.
Refresh Rate Set the desired refresh rate for the live image in this dropdown box.
The refresh rate can be set to 1 second and up.
Notification Switch the sound notification and the visual hint when a new initial alarm occurs on or off.

To add new cameras to the screen, click on the Add button. The camera adds a new column to the table, allowing you to select a new camera and to configure it.

To delete a camera from the screen, click on the Delete button of the corresponding column.

Click on the OK button to activate your settings and to save them until the camera is rebooted. Click on Cancel to return to the Multiwatcher screen without changing anything.

Creating a New Screen

Click on the New Screen link to create a new screen. The camera opens a new configuration dialog. Change the preset name and then add new cameras to the screen.

Deleting a Screen

If you have defined more than one screen, you can delete the current screen by clicking on the red Delete button at the top of the configuration dialog behind the name of the screen.

Storing a Screen

Click on OK to store the changed Multiwatcher screen and to return to the Multiwatcher view. If the Multiwatcher screen has changed, you can store the screen and the complete configuration of the camera.

Click on the Cancel button to discard all changes to the configuration.

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